The complete list of publications can be found at Google Scholar, nicely ranked by citations. The following list includes only the journal papers (and it is not always up to date).

Journal publications (JCR)

  1. Morales Y, Tortajada M, Picó J, Vehí J, Llaneras F (2014). Validation of an FBA model for Pichia pastoris in chemostat cultures. BMC Systems Biology [article]
  2. Folch-Fortuny A, Tortajada M, Prats-Montalbán JM, Llaneras F, Picó J, Ferrer A (2014). MCR-ALS on metabolic networks: Obtaining more meaningful pathways. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems [article]
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PhD Thesis

  • Llaneras F. Interval and possibilistic methods for constraint-based metabolic models. PhD Thesis, Valencia, 2011 [full text]